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This one was for sure a challenging track, the 1st challenge was that Sunil Grover is not a singer, he was looking forward to a spoken/rap kind of a track, but I said no, I will make you sing, even though if the singing is minimal. The hook line on this track needs a tune, I made the tune, Sunil loved it and the track is loved by millions around the globe, 21 million plus views on youtube, and also very popular on "Tik Tok" do watch the behind the scenes video below


Music is the best form of Meditation, the sights around are a delight to the eyes and the sound of flute is Magic to the ears, this was an impromptu experiment, which got nominated at the prestigious

GIMA Awards in the year 2015.

This one was indeed a fun track, I was the Music Producer/Arranger for this peppy / quirky track, this one deserved to win for sure.


“I always had an idea that, Indian Classical Music has been fading out , and not many were doing anything to save it, I looked for youtube lessons, Apps, etc and was surprised that there was not a single professionally done, user friendly app or video which teaches Indian Classical Music, even the Google Stats show that the search for Indian Classical Music has dropped more than half in the last decade, Thats it, the idea clicked, It's a youtube channel called Riyaz TV which offers Indian Classical Vocal lessons, without any promotion It has garnered around 18k subscribers already. I'm happy that I am able to give back something to Music with Riyaz TV.

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