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Indian Classical Vocal Music Training

The Best Hindustani Classical Vocal Lessons




Guru Dhanoa

Founder & Creative Director

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Varsha Singh

Founder & Vocal Trainer

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“I always had an idea that, Indian Classical Music has been fading out , and not many were doing much to save it, I looked for youtube lessons, Apps, etc and was surprised that there was not a single professionally designed/created, user friendly app or video which teaches Indian Classical Music, even the Google Stats show that the search for Indian Classical Music has dropped more than half in the last decade, Thats it, the idea clicked, so here we are, Welcome to Riyaz Tv” - GURU DHANOA

"It was indeed very necessary to start something like Riyaz TV, our vision was always clear, Music has given us everything in life, its time for us to give back to Music. Me & Guru have spent hours, days, months working on this project.. Our intension is to save the Indian Classical Music for generations to come." - VARSHA SINGH DHANOA


Riyaz TV - the fast & easy way to learn Indian Classical Vocal Music. 


Our 1st introduction is to Indian Classical Vocals, which is helpful for learning any Indian Classical Instrument. Just repeat along with the high quality video lessons, As your guru Varsha Singh Dhanoa teaches you the wide spectrum of Music.

We provide you with the best quality video lessons containing high quality crystal clear audio, the lessons are easy to follow, you just have to listen and repeat. Our lessons are designed by -Professional Vocalist Varsha Singh Dhanoa, These lessons will help to improve both beginners &  those who have learnt previously.


You’ll be amazed how fast your singing advances. So wear your earphones and start practicing now! 


RTV is perfect for self-learning & is available to you 24x7.


On Riyaz Tv's Youtube Channel you will get access to a vast range of Vocal lessons with many new lessons adding on every month.

RTV is the fastest growing Indian Classical Music training Youtube Channel in the world. 



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